These Morocco Travel Destinations Will Stop You in Your Tracks

Morocco is easily one of the most beautiful countries in the world. The vast, breathtaking landscapes-from charming beachside towns to sweeping deserts, cascades nestled deep in the forest, and bustling urban centers-fantastic regional cuisines, hypnotizing and distinctive architecture, and unique cultural history all make it the ideal place to delight your senses. So if you're ready for your next vacation, our roundup of the most awe-inspiring Morocco travel destinations will help you plan the trip of a lifetime. Or if you feel like taking a virtual trip during a quick five-minute break, it'll at least secure Morocco as the number spot on your travel bucket list. Click through all the gorgeous Morocco travel sights, spots, and gems you simply can't miss, even if it is just through a computer screen for now.


How gorgeous is the lighting in this bathroom? To feel like you're inside aВ kaleidoscopic dream, head to La Sultana Hotel in Marrakech.В

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The seaside town of Asilah isВ awash in blue- and white-painted buildings, winding pathways, and breathtaking beachfront views. This gem is located just outside of Tangier.В

El Fenn

If you're a design buff, you should check out El Fenn hotel in Marakkech. It reconciles the best of modern andВ traditional MoroccanВ design.В В

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Wondering why there are goats on the tree? Well, it turns out we're not the only ones with a love of argan oil. Moroccan goats love eating the argan nuts and are often found perched high upon the argan treetops. It may look like a precarious mission, but these Moroccan goats know what they're doing and are quite skilled tree-climbers.

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The sprawling sea of orangeВ and pink sandhills in the Sahara desert is absolutely divine. Go during sunrise for especiallyВ breathtaking views.В

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Though not as popular a destination as Marakkech or the Sahara, the Ouzoud Falls are one of Morocco's most spectacularВ sights. These gorgeous cascadesВ also happen to attract monkeys, so you'll get to seeВ some animals, too.В

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Here's another image of the charming medieval streets in Asilah. It's one of those places you can wander around for hours, getting lost in all the gorgeous architecture and hidden details.В

Dar Seven

If you prefer minimal interiors but still want to experience equally beautiful, authentic Moroccan design while in Marrakech, stay atВ Dar Seven. The all-white color scheme is dreamy and ethereal, making it perfect for a romantic getaway.В

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Speaking of romantic getaways, you can't beat a stay in the Sahara desert. Laze around the stylish camps to take in the sunrises and sunsets, or stay in the fertile desert oasis of Skoura. We also suggest taking a day trip to Tundra Gorge.

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Head inland to Meknes, aВ small town in the lush mountains. While you're there, explore the nearby ruins of the Roman city of Volubilis.В

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If you can schedule a spa treatment at La Mamounia hotel, it's definitely worth the splurge. We'll let the stunning design of the pool spa doВ the talking.В

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Though it isn't exactly a travel secret or hidden gem, venturing out to the desert plains to ride a camel is a MoroccoВ travel must. But don't ride one in the middle of the hot day-aim for early morning hours instead.В


While you're in Marrakech, make sure you see the decorative Bab Agnaou, one of the city's famous Nineteen Gates. It's the entrance to the royal casbah.В

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This desert village in N'Kob, Zagora, is aВ magical place to stargaze and explore the desert landscape. It's located in the western Sahara desert.В

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Head south of Casablanca to the unique port city of El Jadida to see these ancient water cisterns. The architecture in El Jadida has less Moorish influence because of a PortugueseВ presence, making it a unique seaside town to explore.В

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Many Moroccan cities and towns are known for their grand outdoor markets, where vendors sell everything from spices and dyes to home goods and clothing. The one photographed above is in Fez.В

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Essaouira is another dreamy destination with a ton of fascinating history to learn. The city is surrounded by a protective fortress from the 18th century with brass canons lining the walls. It's also a popular surfing destination because of the strong winds. This gorgeous shot is of RiadВ Baoussala, an affordable boutique hotel and resort (word is, they serve some of the best Moroccan food around).В


This quietВ seaside retreat offers so much more than just unparalleledВ views (although, it wouldn't take anything else to convince us we needed to drop everything we're doing to get there). Located in Oualidia, Hotel Sultana sits inside a pocketedВ lagoonВ where the picturesqueВ pale blue waters meet the white-sand shore.В

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Often referred to as the country's capital, Fez is a can't-miss destination. This is the Al-Attarine,В a central courtyard in the city that features traditional patterns of Merenid artisanship. You could get lost admiring the elaborate details in this courtyard all day.В