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16 of the Best DГ©cor Brands Ever, According to MyDomaine Editors

Courtesy of Sarah Sherman Samuel

Finding anВ affordable sofa is easy, but great design can be hard to find. In a world where stores are dominated by reproductions of the same furniture in varying degrees of quality, finding unique pieces to fit our decorating budget can be a challenge. But every so often we come across a piece so beautiful or a brand so unique that we want to share it with the world. These are some of those home dГ©cor brands.

We recently asked our editors to hand-pick their top twoВ dГ©cor brands and were pleasantly surprised by the wide array of brands, products, and price points they came back with. Mineral incense burners? Check. Beautiful ceramics? Check. Minimal Danish brands we had never heard of? Check, check, check. And while it's easy to have expensive taste when dГ©cor is concerned, we were happy to see a wide range ofВ price points in these brands, which just goes to show that great design really is accessible to all.В

Ready to turn your home's style up a notch? TheseВ are the best home dГ©cor brands our editors swear by, and the products they adore.В


Article Daisy Lounge Chair $159Shop

"Article offers beautiful midcentury modern designs at a relatively affordable price. I love that I can find great pieces that fit within my budget."

The Citizenry

The Citizenry Cantaro Pots $250Shop

"I recently discovered the Citizenry and I've been blown away by not only the stunning furniture and dГ©cor finds, but also by the company itself. Each unique item on site is sourced from artisan groups around the world who are paid fairly for their work."


Apparatus Match Umbrella Stand $6200Shop

"I have long admired the range of designs from the very talented team at Apparatus Studio.В Its clean lines and sleek designs really appeal to my minimalist aesthetic. I admire the simplicity of this coffee table and the master craftsmanship that went into making it look so effortless. I'll also never stop wanting this marble lantern. They also have a knack for making practical 'boring' objects look insanely cool and decorative like this umbrella stand."

Cinnamon Projects

Cinnamon Projects Circa Mineral Incense Burner $240Shop

"There is something very ceremonious about burning incense. It cleanses the space and safely directs bad spiritsВ away. Well, that's how I've always viewed it and it's never been glamorous until I found Cinnamon Projects.В The brand turned my incense burning into a covetable ritual. Each of the objects is so thoughtfully designed and handcrafted. I have the brass one,В but I love theВ mineral collection too. Oh, and you should seeВ its latest chic smudge sticks edition."

Blu Dot

Blu Dot Bumper Large Leather Ottoman $699Shop

"I always recommend Blu Dot to friends.В Its minimal yet colorful designs only seem to get better with each new collection, and for the price, the quality is unparalleled. I own three Blu Dot pieces, and they are some of my favorite features in my apartment."

Lambert & Fils

Lambert & Fils Laurent 06 Pendant $1360Shop

"Being from Montreal, I love when I see beautiful innovative brands coming out of my hometown. Lambert & Fils is one of those brands. With each collection, they never cease to push boundaries with beautiful simple designs at reasonable prices. I've seenВ the brand's lighting time and time again in homes from New York to Melbourne and in multiple hotels and restaurants-and each time it looks stunning."


Gubi Copacabana Lounge Chair $1989Shop

"Gubi is all about balance.В Its designs feel so timeless yet innovative and fresh, grown-up and elegant yet approachable with a touch of whimsy, modest yet high-quality. I especially likeВ the brand's chairs."


DimoreStudio Divano 082 $14075Shop

"I definitely won't be making any purchases from DimoreStudio studio any time soon given the price tag, but that doesn't stop me from admiring its work. Each item has the capacity to be a piece of art form while also offering a crucial function. Everything it creates is profoundly beautiful, from the seating to the lighting, which is a pretty big feat considering the simplicity of the items. And even then, the designs are fun and edgy! I usually look at screenshots of my favorite items when scavenging at the flea market."

Heath Ceramics

Heath Ceramics Bread and Butter Plate $25Shop

"Lately, I've been super into Heath Ceramics for all things home. The brand isВ known forВ its unique tile work but alsoВ has a great selection of ceramic homewares as well. I'm currently loving theВ dual glaze tiles in the bright pink and red combo."

Garza Marfa

Garza Marfa Desert Blanket $200Shop

"Garza Marfa is another favorite, I love the way the bright textiles pair with my neutral furniture pieces. I'm also reminded of Marfa (a favorite place of mine) every time I look atВ its stuff. I've got my eye on the Desert Blanket in purpleВ right now."

Coming Soon

Coming Soon Milo Baughman Swivel Chair $2000Shop

"I'm a vintage lover at heart, and Coming Soon carries an interesting mix of new and old pieces that are undeniably unique--even just browsing the website is entertaining. I'm always a sucker for retro statement furniture like this swivel chair."


March White on Terracotta Splatterware Pitchers $50Shop

"This San Francisco-based boutique makes shopping for essentials cutlery and tableware fun-I loveВ its take on the terrapcotta trend with these spatterware pitchers."


Leif Classic Stripe Linen Placemat Set $36

"After finally investing in a proper dining room table for my apartment earlier this year, I went in search of beautiful tableware to match and found the brand Leif. I loveВ its curated collection of casual yet chic table linens (and, bonus,В it's not terribly expensive)."

Block Shop

Block Shop Sunwave Woodblock Print $600Shop

"I recently stumbled upon this online shop while searching for art to update my bedroom. There's something soothing about the graphic lines that makes me want to hang these prints on my walls stat."


AYTM Angui Chairs $333Shop

"I came across this Danish brand during a trip to Copenhagen last year and feel in love withВ its quirky, playful Scandinavian design. It's also surprisingly accessible in the U.S.-both Yoox and Consort stockВ its wares.В If my tiny apartment could fit a dining table, these chairs would be at the top of my list."

Hawkins New York

Hawkins New York Louise Trays $50Shop

"It's impossible to visitВ this brand's West Village store without finding something you love. I've hadВ its colored metal trays on my list for a while. They work perfectly on a round coffee table."