This Is What You're Missing for a Good Night's Sleep

Color us old, but there are some days when we look forward to nothing more than diving into our bed, with a cool cup of water on the nightstand and a book to devour mid-plot. Bedtime is a hallowed time, and we like to think that we've got our wind-down ritual down to a science. Yet, what if the lavender mists and matching carafe/cup set aren't enough? What if the stars have prescribed you the absolute perfect nighttime routine that will promise you your best night's sleep, and you've been missing it this whole time?

We turned to MyDomaine's resident astrologer Amelia QuintВ to find out what the stars have prescribed for a night well rested, along with the one power product that will help you fall asleep even faster. Ahead, Quint shares the tip to get some quality shut-eye along with your new cuddle buddy fromВ IKEA. Ready to catch some zzz's?

As the first sign of the zodiac, sleeping isn't exactly your first priority. You're much more interested in all the exciting things you can accomplish during your waking hours! Try reframing the way you think about sleep. Instead of seeing it as hours lost, remember that it's the time when your body heals and repairs itself for more successes yet to come.

Your Bedtime Power Product: Choose a throwВ that gets you excited to hunker down in bed for some much-needed rest. A gentle color and softВ fabric are musts.

IKEA ORMHASSEL Throw $17.99Shop

Your sign has a reputation for being a champion sleeper. It's not that you're lazy, in fact, it's quite the opposite! Taurus people feel everything, so when you're cuddled up in bed, you're soaking in all the pleasure of rest with your five senses. Make sure your bedroom has something for all your senses to enjoy, like a room spray or good music.В

Your Bedtime Power Product: If you feel like your sleep situation has gotten monotonous, add a little sensory interest to your bed with a furry sheepskin. Make sure it looks as good as it feels.

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Just like everything else in your life, you want your bedroom to be a conversation piece. Geminis love to talk, so craft a space that tells your story. You'll sleep better when you're surrounded by beautiful dГ©cor that's truly your aesthetic. You're always dreaming up your next big idea, so surround yourself with inspiration prior to catching some zzz's.В

Your Bedtime Power Product: Artwork that's as bright and playful as you are gives your sleeping area plenty of personality. It also gives any visitors something to talk about!

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Because your sign rules the home, you have a sixth sense for what makes a place cozy. You're the most likely out of all the zodiac signs to open up your abode to guests, and while you're an impressive host, make sure you give yourself the same five-star treatment. By the time you've finished your at-home spa treatments, any lingering worries will be long gone.В

Your Bedtime Power Product:В Brass candle holders are a perfect option for the ever congenial Cancer. Put them out when guests come to visit, and lightВ away for a more relaxingВ vibe.

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It's no secret that you love to be in the spotlight, and why should your bedroom be any different? You adore your beauty sleep, and you may need a little more of it than the rest of the zodiac signs. You put a lot of work into your performances, so you deserve to sleep like royalty. Let out your inner diva and appoint your bed with the coziest bedding, pillows, and mattress you can afford.

Your Bedtime Power Product: A wallВ lamp makes a gorgeous addition to any Leo's vanity or bedside, and it puts youВ exactly where youВ belong-the spotlight!

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For Virgo, having everything organized is the key to deep relaxation. That doesn't just mean your desk and your bedroom either! When you have efficient systems that keep your life streamlined, your detail-loving soul can rest easy knowing everything is already taken care of. For your best sleep, keep your sleeping area clean and spacious.В

Your Bedtime Power Product: Curtains can help you block out the noise-and light-at the end of a long day. Make sure you get blackout curtains, likeВ these two-toned ones.В

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More than anything, Libra craves elegance. Because your sign rules beauty, you can sometimes get a little obsessed with making sure that everything looks just right, but are you giving yourself the rest you need to feel good from the inside out? Your sleep hygiene is just as important as your skincare regimen. Sleep is the oldest beauty trick in the book!

Your Bedtime Power Product: Want to keep your sleeping area looking as polished as you are? Invest in a bed frame that has storage built in. Opt for a classic design over something more rustic.

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Everyone knows you're a little intense, but even serious Scorpios have to sleep sometimes. Your pre-slumber rituals are when you get to be the you that nobody else sees, sheet mask and all. You sleep best when you add a little mystery to your nighttime routine, like reading a fascinating book or writing in your journal.В

Your Bedtime Power Product: Keep your favorite reading material close by on a stylish nightstand. If you're feeling adventurous, decorate with a sleep-enhancing crystal, like an amethyst.

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As the zodiac's daredevil, it's safe to say your bedroom will be anything but boring. Still, despite your insatiable thirst for adventure, you do have to sleep at some point. When you actually do rest, you take relaxing seriously, probably because you've pushed yourself so far to start with! The antidote? Make your bedroom your sanctuary, and keep your sleep time sacred.В

Your Bedtime Power Product: Gorgeous bedlinens are a must for your lusty sign. A high thread count feels luxurious, and cotton breathes well when things start to heat up!В

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Does the hardest-working sign of the zodiac ever get any rest? Usually, in-demand Capricorn people keep a set sleep schedule. In order to fit in everything you want to do in one day, quality rest time has to be planned and regimented, but that doesn't mean that Capricorns don't know how to have fun! They play as hard as they work, so vacations are extra therapeutic for you.

Your Bedtime Power Product: Colorful cushions make a lovely complement to any classic Capricorn bedroom set. Bonus points if they're nature or travel-inspired.

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If anyone could find an original approach to one of life's most basic functions sleep it would be you! You don't play by the rules, which means you're the most likely sign to be up late nights thinking up new, wild ideas. If you need a reason to rest more, know that your dreams keep your ideas sharp. All the more reason to get your eight hours every day.

Your Bedtime Power Product: Give your bed some structure with a headboard. We recommend choosingВ a minimalist design that with flow well with the rest of Aquarius's futuristic look.

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As the last sign of the zodiac, you understand the value of sleep as a time to recharge your batteries and explore your subconscious. Pisces is associated with dreams, so make your bedroom a place where you can dream easily and well. Avoid caffeine before bed if you can, and treat yourself to a shower or bath if you have time! Your water sign nature will love it.

Your Bedtime Power Product: A mirror can help you reflect on your day as you take off your accessories and start your bedtime rituals. Choose something with a romantic, ethereal style.

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Ready to have the best sleep of your life?В Head to IKEAВ to shop up all your snoozing essentials.В