8 Low-Cost Business Ideas to Inspire Your Next Venture

Beige Renegade

Following your dreams is one of the best things you can do in life. However, if your dreams include starting your own business, it's likely that you'll have to shell out some cash to get started. Fortunately, as the commercial landscape continues to change, it's never been easier to start a business on a budget. Whether you're looking to switch careers, work from home, or start a side hustle, now just might be the perfect time to try something new. To help you get started, here are eight of the best low-cost business ideas.


Depending on your interests and skillset, consulting can be quite lucrative. This is one of the best low-cost business ideas for a very simple reason: The product or service is your own expertise. Identify areas in which you consider yourself to be an expert, and then scout competitors to get a feel for which services you might offer at specific price points.

On-Demand Cleaning

From private homes to corporate spaces, cleaning services are always in demand (and employers tend to hire locally). Best yet, this business involves very little startup capital (think cleaning supplies and a website) and doesn't require the overhead of an office location. You will need a vehicle to transport your supplies in, though.

Event Coordinating

If you have a special talent for hosting the best parties, there's no reason not to turn your gift into a revenue stream. Start by planning bashes for friends and family to create a portfolio, and thenВ curate a list of trusted vendors. This industry frequently sees individuals hired by referrals, so be sure to put the word out.

Home and Pet Care

Some of the best low-cost business ideas involve not just working from home but working from someone else's home. Pet-sitting and house-sitting can be great ways to generate extra income with zero overhead and tend to be easy businesses to generate and perform. While childcare can also be added to this list, be aware that it requires more training and referrals.

Home Organization

If your home looks like it's been ripped from the pages of a magazine, you might consider a job as a home organizer. Make a list of tasks you're willing to perform (like filing papers in a home office or advanced closet organization) and go from there. Much like event coordination, it's a good idea to start performing jobs for family and friends pro bono and then move into creating a portfolio that showcases your talents.

Personal Training

While this low-cost business idea tends to involve some preliminary training (personal trainers who are certified tend to make more money and are more likely to be hired), this is a fairly easy business to start. A number of gyms work with independent personal trainers for a small fee. You can also invest in some basic equipment and provide personal training services on your own.

Jewelry Design

For creatives, making your own jewelry is one of the best low-cost business ideas that can be done from home. Once you've established your brand, look into purchasing items like chains and findings wholesale to keep overhead costs low. Explore online shop options like Etsy and Shopify to find a user-friendly platform to showcase and sell your items.


If you love working one-on-one with people, tutoring might just be a good business venture for you. While a background in education is always a bonus, nothing beats strong recommendations and solid expertise in your field of study. Consider volunteering at a local school, library, or community center to help bolster your rГ©sumГ© and attract new clients.

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